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Dawood suffering from gangrene of the limbs

Reports have stated that gangster Dawood Ibrahim is suffering from gangrene of the limbs due to which he has to regularly visit the hospital for getting medical treatment. Reports indicated that he visits the Aga Khan hospital in Karachi to get treatment. It may be recalled that earlier it was also reported that Dawood had a stroke in the past. However, such reports have been dismissed as rumors by Dawood’s close aide Chhota Shakeel. Shakeel said that Dawood was perfectly fine and there was no need to worry.

Dawood is on the wanted list of Indian security agencies for various crimes including his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts. Reports indicate that his last public appearance was at a party hosted by former Pakistan cricketer Javed Miandad at his house. It may be recalled that Dawood’s daughter Mahrukh is married to Miandad’s son Junaid.

India has been making consistent efforts to prove that Dawood is in Karachi, but the international community does not appear to be convinced. Pakistan also denies that Dawood is hiding in Karachi. Dawood has now expanded his empire globally to include several legitimate businesses as well. However, criminal activities such as extortion, piracy, counterfeiting currency, etc. continue to be among the main sources of income for his empire.

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