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Dead rat in children’s midday meal; 9 admitted in hospital

In a shocking incident, a dead rat was found in the midday meal served at a government school in the city. The dead rat was unearthed after 9 students fell ill after eating their midday meal. When school authorities conducted a thorough inspection of the midday meal, they found out that there was a dead rat in the meal. The incident took place at Government Boys’ Senior Secondary School in Deoli area. The ill students were taken to Madan Mohan Malviya Hospital, where they are receiving treatment.

After the news about the incident spread, Delhi’s deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia went to the hospital to meet the students. He assured that the children are doing fine and will be discharged soon. He also said that an FIR will be launched in this regard and henceforth officials will keep a close watch over food preparation for midday meals.

It is not yet clear who exactly could have been responsible for the dead rat in the midday meal. A dead rat is not a small thing that would go unnoticed. Officials suspect that it may have been done by someone trying to tarnish the reputation of the agency handling the midday meal contract.

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