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deadly Ebola virus is showing no signs of stopping

The deadly Ebola virus is showing no signs of stopping. Till date more than 3000 cases have been reported and more than 1500 have proven to be fatal. The world health organization has predicted more than 20,000 cases in the coming next 6 months before the fatal disease is brought under control. The outbreak recently saw a massive upturn with Senegal the 5th country in the list reporting its first case. Till date all the cases reported were from Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Guinea and Liberia. A case was also reported in Sweden however it was found negative.

 Problems have heightened with medical staff across all major hospitals going on strike in demand for a salary hike. According to a survey report more than one tenth of the deaths have been of the medical staff assisting in the disease. Improper medical supplies and shortage of protective gear has been the reason of deaths of medical assistants. The Ebola epidemic has brought mayhem across African countries, with civil servants and officials been asked to stay at home to avoid any major spreading.

Air traffic from Ebola affected nations has been stopped to Middle East. In a recent development Ivory Coast has been warned to be expelled if it does not allow entry to players from Sierra Leone.

The race against time for the cure is running fast with no major breaks the medical companies are facing difficult times. Success was seen when US workers working in West Africa were treated with a drug ZMapp and showed positive results. However the development process of the Drug is slow and the production cannot be as fast as the rising spread of the disease.

Author: Manu Arora

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