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Dear lady, you are carrying your priceless assets with you

  – all the time yet everywhere!

– Don’t forget that for a jiffy even!

breast2If you are an Indian and an unadulterated fond of songs – especially of Hindi film songs (or a tempted admirer of the unique voice and outstanding singing style of the renowned singer Ila Arun or an ardent avid of the glamour girl – Madhuri Dixit – the Goddess of the Indian cinema – of the Indian entertainment industry rather) – then you are definitely remembering the one of the truly controversial yet agitated songs of the world – ‘Choli ke pichhe keya hay?’ Choli means Bra, pichhe means behind, keya hay means what is!

Everybody knows yet complies about the fact – behind a bra of a lady, we can find out two shreds of her most precious (priceless rather) assets are embedded over there – actually.

The bust, the breast, the bosom of a woman contains milk – which is the ambrosia, manna for a little angle of the earth in fact, because – it is the one and only ingestion of the new born baby – barring this heavenly zip he or she can’t live – as a matter of fact.

The bust, the breast, the bosom of a woman is the pivotal, focal, root point of her attraction – her sensuality – her sexuality – her seductiveness – actually.

During a sex growled encounter, the bust, the breast, the bosom yields both of the couple extreme sexual revelation – then sexual contentment eventually! It yields a man hyper sexual pleasure, makes the steamy woman (who is containing it) content.

The breast is peerless; it is the real, explicit yet regal symbol of womanhood – intent, tender motherhood as well.

It captivates a man – compels him to take a glimpse – ultimately. It makes a woman incomparable, impeccable, regal, and overrated.

Whenever and where ever a daring, brave, enterprising man yields pressure in the particular part of the ravishing physique of charming, zesty lady – called breast, or plays with her breathtaking nipples (a nipple is the most sensitive part of a physique of a lady – as per the discretions of the prudent people) or suck the nipples faithfully with assertive allurement – his these hefty, carnal shots, efforts, endeavours, and enterprises (which are driven by the urge of sex merely) invoke the culminate incantations – as the fruition – both – the sex urged man and the incited woman becomes welled up, enraptured, raved, overjoyed.

Hence, it is an obligatory duty of a woman to take care about her taut, flawless, charismatic breasts. She should pamper yet coax them – time to time as well.

Here, we are going to yield you some of the oracles, prophecies, and revelations to make and keep the boobs attractive, captivating yet how to pamper them as well – just to sum up some hues in the life of a lady – who contains boobs in her chest –

breast 5Make and keep your breasts captivating

*To shun the sagging of the breasts yet to improve the shape, lift and firmness of the breasts do these exercises in a regular basis –

1)Weight training, 2)Bench presses 3) Push – ups.

*Sum up some of the orange and yellow vegetables and fruits in your regular ingestion. Dine them daily – just to make yet keep your breasts breathtaking.

*Give up bad habits – like – smoking etc.

*Keep perfect posture.

*Opt a pat, perfectly fitted bra.

*Use sunscreen lotion on your breasts also.

Suggestions for a new mom

*If you are a new mom, then don’t dine so much of animal fats at all.

*Embed your tiny one on a pillow to lift up him or her to yield him/her nourishment from your breasts. Shun leaning over.

*Shun speedy weightless.

*Opt a sports bra.

*Hot and cold bath is beneficial for your breasts.

*Wean gradually not suddenly.

Pamper your boobs

*See and tig your boobs – oneself.

*Shun the snuggle of a towel and figure on the air to dry up your boobs naturally – in front of your hubby.

*Shun and wear bra in front of him. Ask help from him – unnecessarily.

*Allow his hands and fingers to tease your boobs and nipples – while you both are watching movie etc. –together.

*Apply honey etc on your nipples and ask him to suck.

By: Mithu Ghoshal

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