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Death penalty may be abolished in India

The debate against and in favor of death penalty has existed since the first human civilizations came into existence. In India, the death penalty currently exists in the legal system. However, the death penalty may be banned in the country, as the Law Commission today strongly recommended the abolition of death penalty. This recommendation by the Law Commission covers all types of crimes except only those that involve the element of terrorism and acts of waging war against the country, in which case, the death penalty would continue to be applicable.

The Law Commission’s recommendation may be inspired by European countries, where most nations have abolished capital punishment for all types of crimes. Modernists who have spoken against capital punishment reason that the focus should be on reforming the individual and not taking his life. However, those in favor of capital punishment say that such punishment acts as an effective deterrent for people. Those who favor capital punishment give the example of United States where most States still follow the death penalty via means such as electrocution, lethal injection, etc.

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