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Decorate with cushions the fab way suggests few ideas on how cushions can make for excellent home accents 

New Delhi, January 8, 2015: Cushions are best at serving the purpose of easy décor accents while giving comfort. One can play with different patterns and prints and mix them well to bring about a quick makeover. With all this in mind, shares some really cool ideas that might come in handy when picking the right cushions.

Solids and Shapes

Solid cushions in bold & bright colors can never go out of fashion. Cushions in an array of shapes such as round, square and rectangular can transform the home décor completely. Mix & match the colors and shapes as per taste. 

Bohemian, African and Arabian themes

To lend a Bohemian touch to the décor, use bright printed cushions and throws. Similarly, shiny bright silk cushion covers work best if one wants to add the mystery of Arabian Nights to the home décor. On a bold note, animal printed cushions will help lend a sense of drama to home décor. 

Patterns and Pairing

Use a range of patterns and colors and pair them up in a fun & eclectic mix. One can also give a shot at building a collection of differently patterned cushions for a layered look. 

Ruffles and Lace

Ruffles and lace on cushions create a dreamy appeal when used to accessorize a sofa set in pastel hues. This idea can be incorporated in the bedroom as well to give a feminine touch to the entire décor.

These cushion decor ideas are surely inspiring and will help in redecorating the home in a fabulous way!

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