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Defining male and female infertility

Infertility is not something that is being a threat to most of the younger generation couples. The chances of infertility have doubled in the past 5 years. There could be multiple reasons for infertility to occur but before getting into them that we need to analyze why some is getting affected by infertility and what are the possible cures or treatment for infertility. Infertility is a condition by which male or female is unable to take part in the natural reproduction process – by this we do not mean physically but by hormones and cells. To dive deep into this and explain, let us first take the male for example. Sperm is the male productive cell which is responsible to fertilize the egg to form the embryo. When there is an absence of sperms or when the sperm count is low, the fertilization process will not happen as expected. There are also conditions when the sperm cells are weak that they are not able to reach the uterus to mate with the egg cell. All these conditions are called male infertility. Since infertility is a condition and not a disease, it can be reversed. But most of the times, due to poor lifestyle choices, this condition is not reversible and men are left with no other option other than to visit the best IVF center in Bangalore or any other city they belong to.

In females, there is technically nothing called as infertility but the inability of a woman to conceive a child due to her gynecological complications is termed as infertility. Some of the common gynecological complications which lead to infertility in women are fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, ovarian cyst and blocked fallopian tubes. These complications can be genetically inherited, acquired or sometimes the reasons are unknown. During my visit to one of the best fertility hospital in Chennai, the infertility expert was giving me a sense of how female infertility is increasing day by day. As women have started to do a lot of stuff when they were never exposed to, they are many physical changes happening in their body which they are not even aware of. Some of the changes are:

  1. Gaining too much weight in a shorter period of time
  2. Living with obesity which later leads to diabetes
  3. Sleepless and depression
  4. Anxiety issues
  5. Irregular periods due to most of the above reasons

As a person, both male and female have to take good care of their health. They need to understand the possible future they are going to make for themselves and start looking at the bigger picture rather than worrying for things that do not matter much in life. Eat the right food, exercise regularly and lead a happy life so all things will happen in life as how they should happen.

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