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Delhi Budget: No free Wi-Fi; midday meals to have bananas and eggs

In the annual budget presented today, the AAP government has skipped some of its key poll promises such as free Wi-Fi and mohalla sabhas. There is no allocation of funds for these initiatives. However, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the Delhi government is currently evaluating 3-4 models of free Wi-Fi and a decision will be taken soon. “As of now, government has three-four models of proposed free Wi-Fi. One of models advocates laying fiber optic cables while another one favors installation of hotspots. The government has to choose one of these models. We don’t want to make any mistake as it is not an easy task to provide free Wi-Fi across the city,” said Kejriwal.

Meanwhile, midday meals are expected to get healthier, as the Delhi government has updated the menu to include bananas and eggs. The Delhi government has allocated a budget of Rs 55 crore for the midday meal scheme. The government is also planning to expand its coverage to include all students of class IX to XII in girls’ schools. It may be recalled that the midday meal scheme is financed by the central government, but Delhi government has decided to contribute its bit so that the nutritional value of meals can be enhanced.

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