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Delhi govt. orders discoms to send SMS to customers for unscheduled power cuts

As Delhi reels under a heat wave, with temperatures reaching 45 degree Celsius and beyond, the Delhi government has ordered power distribution companies (discoms) to inform customers about unscheduled power cuts via SMS. The Delhi government has also asked discoms to increase the number of call center executives so that customers don’t have to wait in queue for long to report their problems. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that the government has instructed discoms to take special care to avoid disruption of power, especially during summer months. Sisodia also said that the government is currently examining the possibility of reviving an earlier aborted clause that required discoms to compensate consumers in case the disruption in power supply was more than 2 hours.

Sisodia said that the power supply demand in Delhi was highest on Monday, at 6,361 megawatt (MW). However, he said that there was no shortage since Delhi has a power production capacity of 8,000 MW. He said that Delhi ranks second, next only to Mumbai, in terms of providing sustained supply of electricity. “Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, after analyzing the power demand situation in the past few days, has given directions to his chief secretary to ask all the three discoms to increase the number of seats in their call centers,” Sisodia said.

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