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Delhi Witnesses Holistic Health & Wellness Centre Par Excellence

With the launch of Potenza Advanced Wellness in Delhi, it has brought cutting-edge technologies from Europe and America that meets the world’s most advanced non-invasive medical therapies to uncover a transformed you

November 2020: Health & wellness has been the hottest topic of discussion in 2020 as no one could have ever imagined that the COVID-19 pandemic would bring such unforeseen disaster across the globe, impacting India in myriad ways. Of course, the outbreak of COVID-19 has transformed human lives in myriad ways, especially by opening the eyes of the masses towards the primacy of health and its concerns. Now, everybody seems to be concerned about health & wellness.

However, India’s battle against COVID-19 has been quite unsettling so far. Despite the emphasis on the preventive measures, her dense population and the lack of awareness have led to the ceaseless increase in the number of active cases every day. Currently, the National Capital Territory — Delhi stands at the second-highest number of COVID-19 cases.

In such a demanding situation when everyone is looking for health & wellness, Delhi witnesses the launch of the Potenza Advanced Wellness based out of the heart of Delhi — Hauz Khas. The power of Potenza lies in ensuring holistic health & well-being by dint of its customized therapies for beauty, health & wellness, wherein its immunity-boosting feature works wonders. Its cutting-edge technologies from Europe and America meet the world’s most advanced non-invasive medical protocols to uncover a transformed you.

Dr Tarun Sahani, Medical Director, Potenza Advanced Wellness dwelled upon the power of these unique therapies, “After battling the COVID-19 infection for months, we have realized that those with a strong, non-compromised immune system are more capable of fighting off the deadly virus. While routine precautions and healthy lifestyle mantras continue to be consistent in strengthening oneself, such non-invasive and scientific treatments have also helped in boosting one’s immunity and attaining holistic health and wellness. Three of these non-invasive therapies, namely Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Cryotherapy and PhotoBioModulation Therapy (PBMT) have been found to be strongly effective.”

The three unique non-invasive therapeutic procedures — Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Cryotherapy and PhotoBioModulation Therapy (PBMT) being practiced at Potenza led by medical professionals and backed by cutting-edge technologies are supposed to arm the people by its immunity-boosting features to combat and protect themselves from lengthy and deadly infection, especially when vaccines are still in pipeline.

Elaborating on the unique feature of immunity-boosting, Mr. Nitin Khanna, Director, Potenza Advanced Wellness, said, “The cutting-edge technologies from America and Europe aid some of the most advanced non-invasive medical protocols in the world. The combination of three therapies we practice harnesses the power of pure air (oxygen), light and temperature, and helps in increasing blood circulation, reducing inflammation and improving oxygen levels in the body, contributing in boosting immunity.”

“These meticulously designed treatment protocols help achieve the goal of holistic health & wellness. In times when people are stressed out and their physical and mental well-being are badly affected, treatment protocols at Potenza help improve in optimizing the rejuvenation potential. These healing features are now available in Delhi that does not only help in restoring holistic health and wellness but also in discovering a par excellence performer in you.” Added Mr. Khanna.

The unique combination of three non-invasive therapies — Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Cryotherapy and PhotoBioModulation Therapy (PBMT) being practiced at Potenza is actually the ancient wisdom in a new avatar. The ancient Indian therapeutic texts find mention of harnessing the power of pure air (oxygen), light and temperature. The succinct account of the combination of three therapies that work wonders in ensuring holistic health & wellness is as follows.

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