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Denver, Fragrance of luxury

I am a businessman working in a reputed company.

No, I am a party- man, who cares for giving an impression of luxury and success.

Actually, I am both… A business man all the day, and a party lover all the night.

This kind of life is not as easy as you  think, since you don’t have any time to take care of yourself and your body. I am either occupied with work or with friends, so I need to look great and smell great all the day.The good smell, especially at summer, has always been a difficult issue for me since I suffer from excessive sweat and I work for long consecutive hours.

However, this is over with Denver Hamilton.

Denver Hamilton… I describe it in three words only fresh, dignified and rich.Its strong and rich fragrance nourishes my body since I put it, then it gradually immerses me in new and fresh notes. It really lasts all the day.

The better news is that Denver has announced two new amazing products,with a musky and leathery touch. They are called Denver Esteem (an Ultra- masculine fragrance) and Denver Dignity (an Eau De Perfume).

Pros of Denver Esteem and Denver Dignity:

  • The ideal choice as an oriental fragrance.
  • They provide a vibrant freshness.
  • They last for a long time.
  • Can be used everyday for several times.
  • They Suit formal occasions as well as casual ones.

Cons of Denver Esteem and Denver Dignity:

  • From the first day, you will not be able to live without them.

Denver Esteem Perfume

If you are a genius of contrast with a strong self- confidence and ability to control your emotions, then you need Denver Esteem Perfume. It  really reflects such personality and portrays your masculinity.

Denver Dignity Perfume

It provides a feeling of power and masculine with its woody, sharp notes. It is a way of living and naturally gives a natural distinct feel.

Denver Esteem and Denver Dignity Eau De parfum cost only Rs 499 and are both available online and at stores and markets.

It is packed in 100ML bottles, so it can be easily carried with you in your travels.

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