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Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax arrested by CBI in alleged 3 crore bribery case

In a development that shows the rot in the system, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) today arrested a Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax on charges of demanding bribe. It has been alleged that the Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax had demanded a bribe of Rs 3 crore. Sources revealed that the Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax who has been arrested is Jaipal Swamy. Swamy has been arrested from Mumbai. CBI teams are conducting more searches to find other links of Swami and the illegal deals he may be involved in earlier. Rs 3 crore is a huge amount, and many people in India don’t even earn this much in their entire lives. And demanding Rs 3 crore in a single instance just goes to show how much money some people may have and how few others may have.

CBI was unwilling to reveal more information about the case since the case is still under investigation. However, detailed information will be revealed as soon as CBI makes progress in the case and collects the required evidence. Demanding Rs 3 crore also poses the question that how the officer was planning to make it white since so many restrictions have been imposed on cash transactions and even banks have been directed to report unusual and large transactions to authorities. Such details will emerge when CBI personnel will interrogate the arrested Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax.

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