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Desire for her!

I was in the same city as hers for two years, yet never planned to see her. She’s quite famous among my friends; they speak highly of her. I secretly admired her, stalked her online, liked her pictures on FB and followed her updates. The craze she had, I knew it was a farfetched dream to be with her. Still, somewhere deep down, I wanted to take a chance. 

Feb 18th, 2018, our first encounter –  shades of green everywhere!! She’s much more beautiful than in the pictures. God! Watching her live was a bliss! Happiness in the air. Walking around the campus, looking at the composed faces, there was a moment of insecurity whether I could ever be a part of them. It was merely a dream until then, but after those three hours at IIMB, it turned into a desire. Leaving her, I realized I hadn’t taken a photo with the stone walls; I hoped I’d get it next time, not as a visitor, but as one of her own.

Cut to April 6th, it was a lazy Friday afternoon, my phone buzzed a notification “Offer of Admission – IIMB!” leaving me astonished. I read the mail thrice word by word, before rushing out in joy to my mom breaking the happy news. It was a moment of great relief as the wait was finally over to be at the place to ‘B’. 

As I write this after an 80-day roller-coaster ride with her, I realize that she’s the most refreshing ride in the journey of my life!

By: Yasarapu Pavani

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