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Dessert Recipe : Chocolate Strawberry Mousse 

chocolate strawbeery mausse
Ingredient – 
white chocolate – 100 gm
amul fresh cream – 60 gm
whipped cream – 80 gm
strawberry crush – 40 gm
gelatin – 15 gm

1. Take a chocolate sponge cake on the top of chocolate sponge cake. Finely shared

Strawberry mousse. 
2. After which add one more layer of chocolate sponge cake to be cover the Strawberry mousse. Press the cake evenly from all the side
3. After that coat the entire body of the cake with chocolate Gannash.
4.Refrigerate the cake for min 8 – 9mins and serve it with 2 mint leaves on top. 
5. Your  Chocolate strawberry mousse is right to Bine on 
By: Nmae of the restaurant – The Shalimar Hotel

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