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Did You Know These 6 Facts About Oud?


Oud is a widely popular way to smell great all day. But there is so much about oud fragrance perfume that you probably don’t even know.

In this article, you will learn six interesting facts about oud!

1: How It is Made

Oud is very popular, but very few people understand its origins. Oud is actually a byproduct of the agar tree. The agar tree is native to India. When a parasite attacks the agar tree, it reacts by producing a resin that has a strong smell and a deep color. The wood on the tree, when combined with this resin, produces oud. The interesting thing about this is that only unhealthy trees can produce oud naturally.

Because oud is produced by trees, the smell of the oud depends on the individual tree itself. While all of the scents may somewhat vary, oud is typically described as a woody scent that is sometimes smoky or sweet.  The natural scent is regarded as a manly one, making it a great fragrance for men!

2: Oud is Luxurious

The agar tree is a luxurious one. Typically, true oud can be expensive because of the limited availability of the agar tree. According to several financial and perfume experts, parfum oudcan sell for up to $5,000 a pound or more!

This makes true oud a rarity. Wearing this oud will give you the feeling of power and wealth. Its scent will be pure and strong throughout the day because of its natural and authentic origins. In fact, oud has become a status symbol among the Middle East. If you have authentic oud, which can be hard to find, everyone will know. Some say that strong scents are a sign of rich and luxurious lifestyles.

3: Real and Fake Oud

Markets, as previously mentioned, have been known to sell natural and pure agar tree wood for more than $5,000 a pound. This, of course, has resulted in many people going to extensive measures to make money in the oud business.

Due to the rarity of oud, the black market has begun to deal oud privately for more than $500,000 for just 2 kg of the wood it is made of. Other people will actually create a synthetic blend and falsely claim it as an oud without the buyer knowing that they’ve been ripped off.

However, in the Middle East, where oud is a near routine in everyday life, fake oud is very different from the real stuff and people will be able to notice it.

4: Oud Can Take Many Forms

Like many scents, oud can be enjoyed in oud fragrance perfumes, in oils, and can even be burned in whole chunks of wood inside of the home. This is a popular way that many people use to keep their home smelling great. Wooden incense chips are used in many houses in the Arabian Peninsula, which has quickly become known for oud and wooden incense.

The wooden chunks of agar tree give off the most natural and potent smell. The oud can also be extracted to be used in fragrant perfumes and even in concentrated oils. Both of these take on a very natural form, blending well with the body’s chemistry. This means that it won’t start to smell foul whenever you begin to sweat throughout the day. Instead, the scent will work well with your chemistry to keep you smelling great all day!

5: Oud Has Religious Connections

Oud’s origins are actually religious in nature. Agarwood, from which oud is born, is mentioned in the Quran as well as in Buddhist scriptures and in the Holy Bible.

The religious connections that agarwood has with various religious texts goes to show that it is a fragrance that is well-loved and centuries old with many roots in the miraculous and holy.

There are a ton of interesting facts surrounding the iconic, oud. The most important fact about oud is that it is a natural and pure fragrance that is sure to keep you smelling great throughout a long day in the scorching Arabian heat. Rush to a luxury Arabic perfume brand andgive oud a try.

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