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Diet to keep skin healthy and beautiful in summer

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Summers are here and knocking our doors. It’s the season for outdoor activities and fun and also the warm temperature. It could be seriously tough for the skin as the scorching heat could cause immense damage to the skin and make it look scaly. The heat, rays of the sun and the hot winds affects the skin badly making it dull and rough. Apart from all these it tans the skin and blocks the skin pores because of excessive sweating along with dust and grime.

Eating for glowing skin this summer

In order to maintain a healthy glow inside and outside during the summers, eating well along with proper hydration are two crucial components. Here are a few vital food tips for a glowing and beautiful skin during the summers:

  • The heat of the summer months depletes the moisture content of the skin, making it dry and dull. The best remedy for a healthy skin is keeping hydrated at all times. Drink plenty of water and other healthy fluids at regular intervals. It also helps in maintaining the correct body temperature and nourishes the organs, skin and hairs.
  • Always keep a watch on your diet in summers. Absolutely avoid junk foods and include more fruits and vegetables in your daily dietary intake. These foods contains essential minerals and vitamins that keeps the skin healthy. Follow the below mentioned diet for best results:
  1. Eat atleast five portions of vegetables and fruits daily: they contains the all-powerful antioxidants that helps in protecting the skin from free radicals like dust, smoke, pollution and heat that causes dark spots and wrinkles to happen. Eat a variety from carrots to pumpkin and from papaya to spinach and watermelons, as it aids in the development of skin cells and skin tone.
  2. Get enough vitamin E in your diet: almonds, avocado, hazelnuts, pine nuts and sunflower and corn oils are good sources of vitamin E that helps in protecting the skin from oxidative (cell) damage and supports the growth of healthy skin.
  • Get ample vitamin C: is much required for the production of collagen to strengthen the capillaries that supplies the skin. It is also rich source of anti-oxidants that supports the immune system, helps heal blemishes and supports glowing and radiant skin. Broccoli, guava, oranges, kiwi, strawberries and sweet potatoes are excellent food sources of vitamin C.
  1. Look for Omega 3: are essential fatty acids that the body cannot produce of its own and can be supplied only via foods. Its anti-inflammatory properties, helps skin and in particular inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Found in food s like oily fishes, linseed, chia seeds, walnuts and rapeseed oil.

The above are some common foods groups that promotes good skin health in summers, however, follow these basic dietary rules for positive and faster results:

  • Never skip your breakfast in the morning.
  • Drink a glass of water empty stomach. Drink plenty of it throughout the day.
  • Don’t miss on fruits, veggies and proteins in the diet.
  • Maintain healthy snacking and say no to junk foods.
  • Reduce your salt and sodium intake, and use spices and herbs to season your food.

By : Sheela Seharawat

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