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Digital Detox: Why is it necessary?

digital detox

Wherever we go technology follows! With the invention of smart phones, tablets, laptops, and the wireless Internet services it seems like we are in some way or the other are involved in the use of technology regularly Research shows that on an average, the adults these days spend 8 hours 41 minutes on a digital devices and more than 40% of the adult check on to their smart phones within 5 minutes of waking up.  No matter how helpful these inventions are to us, they possess negative effects too and hence, this brings us to our topic why is digital detox necessary.

What is a digital detox?

Digital detox mainly refers to the time period when a person refrains from using any form of technology to stay connected to the digital world. This is mainly an opportunity to get rid of anxiety and stress issues whose main underlying cause is the excessive usage of technology. During digital detoxing, you can focus on connecting with people on an emotional and physical basis without using any form of device. This process will also help in preventing any form of addiction to digital devices.

Also, during this time period, you should take some time out with your family or friends to enjoy the nature, or simply perform some physical activity and unwind from the digital world to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Why is digital detox necessary?

While digital devices have their advantages they can affect our lives on a daily basis very negatively. It is for sure that with the upgrade of technology communication has become easier. However, it is very important to know the cost that we are paying to enhance the efficacy of digital communication. Some of the hazards caused are listed below:

  • Addiction to technology is linked to depression and anxiety related issues. A research was conducted in which around 38 teenagers were studied and the results showed that addiction to technology has led to depression, insomnia, impulsive behaviour, and anxiety issues. While 82 percent of the adults experienced declining in their satisfaction level by excessive usage of Facebook.
  • Obsession with video games has been identified as one form of addiction by the WHO. The experts say that the changes taking place in a person’s brain while he or she is addicted to drugs is the exact kind as that of a person addicted to video games.

Excessive usage of technology is leading to a sedentary lifestyle which is the cause of most of the health problems these days.

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