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Digital Marketing Trends : 2015

Digital marketing industry has grown at such rampant speed and in different verticals it is impossible to draw a fixed pattern to predict the future. In comparison to the western markets we all will agree South Asian markets are lacking the infrastructure and acceptance of digital that widely, however changes are evident and we all expect the future to be digital in all fields. As an e-commerce entrepreneur we all are eager to know what will 2015 hold on for us and what will get the customer to dig pockets regularly. Let’s discuss the trends that look likely to shape up 2015 digital world.

  1. Customers are mobile and so should be the market

Mobile phone usage has gone up all across the nation and mobile application for all operating systems is a mandate for all online portals to excel. However it goes big now; simply being visible on mobile will not be enough in 2015. The user is short of time and like websites we need customised content. 2015 will mark the start of customized mobile data, specific content for mobile users and mobile ads. With the addition of tool Mobile Usability in Google webmaster; Google has sent out the message clear. If search engine ranking is what you aim at, mobile usability is a must for you.

  1. Content marketing

Content marketing is going to take a big leap forward in 2015. Content marketing is one category gaining immense popularity but has a stiff competition in the market. Marketers will pull out money from paid advertising and focus on content based marketing in 2015. Video content, researched data, case studies will form a major part of content marketing. Video and audio content that can be easily consumed on mobile devices.

  1. Paid marketing

Paid advertisement, YouTube ad’s, PPC, Face book ads are going to draw a large chunk of digital marketing budget as advertisers face traffic and sales crunch. Businesses are drawing heavy revenues via social media commercials and the budgets allocation for the same are going to go up. With restricting what kind of advertisements are visible in user’s feeds and twitters new advertising options the market is becoming fierce.

  1. E mail marketing

With ever increasing complexity of search engine ranking algorithms and social media advertising prices rising; not all brands will be able to resist the turbulence. Email marketing comes as an asset where businesses have full control. E mail marketing as a concept might be considered as an old school; however businesses which can draw that relationship between Content Marketing and Email Marketing will surely make a mark in the coming year.

  1. Human connect

The entire market is full of brands and advertisers. What will stand out through this mayhem of commercials will be the brand that has a human connect. Brands that lack the human connects will not be able to make brand patronage from their customers.

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