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Digital Spine Book Review

How Businesses Can Ensure Success in the Digital Era

digital spine book review vikram kalkat and reto gruenefelder

The speed at which digitization has transformed our lives is simply unparalleled, even though we may seldom notice or understand the complex processes or technologies that are making it possible. The dilemmas of the digital age are even greater for businesses, both old and new, as conventional business strategy models have lost their relevance and are no longer useful. In the absence of effective business strategy models, many businesses are literally moving forward blindfolded in the digital era. This is exactly where Digital Spine becomes relevant, as it seeks to demystify digitization and provide a pragmatic and sustainable business strategy model for the digital era.

Digital Spine explains quite clearly how conventional business models have become irrelevant in the digital era. Certainly, most businesses are deploying their own digital strategies, but there’s no clarity on its effectiveness and no control over the outcomes. Digital Spine delves deep into the digital revolution happening around us and identifies the business drivers that have proved successful in the digital era. The book connects the dots that make up the digital spine of businesses that have emerged successful in the digital age. The digital spine acts as an effective business strategy model that any business can implement to achieve success. The book reveals the path ahead for businesses, so that they can adapt accordinglyto acquire new competencies.

Digital Spine is not limited to providing theoretical solutions. The book provides detailed review of various businesses that have utilized the digital spine model to emerge successful in the digital era. These illustrationssubstantiate the effectiveness of business strategies, as defined under the digital spine model. For example, take the case of Tesla that has emerged a winner in the traditional automobile business. By going entirely electric, Tesla changed the rules of the game and became a top brand in a very short time.

Another illustration given in the book is that of Uber, a company that has revolutionized cab services by making it easily accessible, safer and affordable. With significant benefits for customers and cab drivers, Uber has emerged a top brand globally. There are various other illustrations in the book such as that of Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Snapchat, Bitcoin, PayPal, and WeWork. All these businesses have followed specific components of the digital spine business strategy model, as described in the book.

The digital spine model has a special place for millennials, since the future will be shaped by young professionals and entrepreneurs. Millennials are more attuned to digitization and more adaptable to change, which is why the digital spine model works better for them. The book provides a roadmap about how businesses can focus on millennials to remain competent in the digital era.

Digital Spine is interspersed with various insightful and interesting quotes by successful people, which makes it all the more interesting to read. Everything is written in a lucid manner, which makes it easier to grasp the concepts and strategies described in the book. Digital Spine can be an asset for businesses that are looking to ensure success in the digital era. Millennials too can benefit, as they can use the book to prepare themselves for the future.

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