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Dinakaran vows to bring down Palaniswami government

After the merged AIADMK dissolved the position of general secretary and deputy general secretary, rebel AIADMK leader TTV Dinakaran vowed that he would work to bring down the Palaniswami government in Tamil Nadu. The general secretary was VK Sasikala whereas Dinakaran was the deputy general secretary. Now, both the general secretary and deputy general secretary posts have been dissolved, which has effectively removed both Sasikala and Dinakaran from AIADMK. Apparently, the move has not gone down well with Dinakaran and he has vowed to bring down the Palaniswami government. It may be recalled that Dinakaran already has the support of 21 MLAs, and it may be possible for him to bring down the government. However, there’s also the possibility that some of the MLAs supporting Dinakaran may change their mind after both Sasikala and Dinakaran have been removed from party posts.

During a press conference, Dinakaran referred to Chief Minister Palaniswami and said that neither he nor anyone else should enjoy the power and prestige that was created by Jayalalithaa. He said that he would work to send the government home. Dinakaran even called the AIADMK meeting as invalid, saying that only the general secretary of the party can call the general council meeting. He said that irrespective of how many members demand a general council meeting, it’s only within the powers of the general secretary to call such a meeting. Dinakaran also rubbished claims that his faction is planning to join the DMK. He said that DMK is in fact their main challenger and that they would fight against DMK and defeat them in the elections.

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