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Dinosaur-Egg Thief Arrested in China; Police Recovers 27 Eggs

In a surprising turn of events, Chinese police have arrested the man who is accused of stealing dozens of fossilized dinosaur eggs.

Dinosaur Egg, Wang

Chinese state media reported that a man surnamed Wang had stolen about 80 of the dinosaur eggs from a collector in the eastern province of Zhejiang in January this year. The report also indicates that Wang had already visited the collector’s house two more times and wishes to purchase the eggs.

Wang with three of his helpers stole the eggs and divided them. Apparently Wang received 27 eggs from the stolen kitty. The police confirmed that they arrested Wang and recovered 27 fossil eggs from his home in Huanan county in Heilongjiang province on March 4. The police have also arrested all three of Wang’s accomplices, however they have declined to comment on remaining eggs and their conditions.

The southern city of Heyuan is popular for its deposits of dinosaur eggs as about 17,000 eggs have been  found in the city since 1996. In December 2015 US police returned to China an illegally imported dinosaur bone fossil believed to be about 120 million years old.

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