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Team and date: Pakistan, December 14th 2014
Player no 10, Safqat Rasool
Action: After the conclusion of the semi-final match between India and Pakistan the above mentioned player was seen making gestures that are considered to be obscene (raising the middle finger to spectators on the stands) – which evidence surfaced after the initial
statement was issued on 14 December at midnight.
Player no 10, Safqat Rasool accepts the breach of the code of conduct
Evidence of how a breach has occurred: Photo’s on social media show it is clear that a beach has occurred
The disciplinary history of the team member: good
The attitude of the team member at the hearing: Good
Any penalty already incurred: none
Seriousness of the offence with in level: According to the Code of Conduct Level 1, and within the level High
Decision: Official Reprimand
Bhubaneswar December 14th 2014
Wiert Doyer
Tournament Director Hero Hockey Champions Trophy 2014
Received: Player no 10, Safqat Rasool
Received through email receipt to be acknowledged by team manager by return email
Bhubaneswar December 14th 2014 14.00 hrs

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