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Discriminate the Feng Shui to invoke prosperity!

fs2If we recount our history – if we excavate the havoc of our history – we will definitely discover a treasure of radiant yet incorporate jewels – Feng Shui is one of them actually – which is not an infatuation at all and very much compatible to diminish poverty, exigency yet evoke prosperity inward, make it slopes – towards your life – perennially – in a phenomenal but effortless, exquisite and reliable genre – as a matter of fact.

Yes, nothing is unchangeable in the entire universe. The nature, your taste, your traits, attributes your fate even mutable. Yet, this righteous, sumptuous, suave ramification of the Chinese succession exudes the talisman to not to show the way of salvation from poverty only but to change your luck, fortune, and destiny fully, completely and radically. Hence, if you are not reluctant or averse to evoke wealth and prosperity, then just ponder about these renowned, recount able ancient revelations advertently – with reverence.

fs11)     If you have decided to overhaul your dwelling house – pursuant to Feng Shui revelations, then first of all just locate a fountain in front of your abode. Don’t forget to turn off the fountain in the dusk hence vigil – everyday.

2)     In your dining room, entrust a large mirror (it is better to opt a full length wall mirror actually) in front of your dining table.

3)     Opt nine three legged toads (wealth/money frogs) fasten them with red colored threads and embed them under your chairs or sofas.

4)     Take a ship (the ship of abundance) – as big as possible – in size. Now take some notes, coins, currencies, gems, ingots etc (the condensed symbols of wealth actually) of several countries. Now select your success (good) direction. Now it is the time for choosing (or shopping) a low heighted tea or coffee table. Flaunt up it near your entrance. Hence, place the ship on the top of the table (use no glue or adhesive). – Your abundant ship is absolutely ready and prepared. But, one circumstance you have to remember – the ship should not be sailing out from your abode – it should be sailing in from your success or good direction as a matter of fact.

5)     You can also entrust a golden pot – engulfed with artificial ingots, gems, diamonds etc.

6)     Allow your abode to be decorated with some purple or red flowered vegetation, which have round shaped leaves as well. – It is an intrigue to boost up your luck of prosperity.

7)     Hang wind chimes in the wealth corner – to become wealthy.

8)     Put your cash box in the wealth corner – to bid the dib.

9)     Pursuant to Feng Shui revelations, if you have a violent volition to become one of the richer persons of the society, then you can show a picture of a stunning fountain or simply keep a fish tank in your house – just to invoke wealth easily.

10)  Make your abode free from untidiness and transmute the hung into a paradise of wealth and richness.

11)  Your toilet lids should not be opened. Close them tightly – always.

By: Mithu Ghoshal

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