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Divorce – a solitary, tragic yet dangerous word indeed!

By: Mithu Ghoshal


Hello my dear reader, now I am going to give you some very important suggestions about ‘DIVORCE’. But before that I beg your pardon because, you have to have a little bit of patience. Before you get any suggestion or listen a single word about divorce from me, I will tell you some real stories of some genuine people, who were going through the phase of divorce and suffered by the very particular word of divorce a lot as well. So, let’s start –

The story number – 1) Rima and Raghu (I have changed the original names) were neighbours, classmates and friends since their childhood. Then they made a teenage love story also. After few years they got married. No dear friend, this is not a happy ending wala story. Not at all. Rima had a very suspicious mind from the very beginning. She had been feeling insecurity from each and every one of the planet earth, who had been identified as a female by sex. This feeling of insecurity made her almost a mental patient. This very special kind of trait of Rima’s character made her husband Raghu’s life more than a heck! Primarily he tried a lot to remove all the insecurity feelings from the heart and mind of his life partner and make her feel good and comfortable. But every effort made by him was in vain. At last Raghu took the final decision and told Rima ‘It is not possible for me to stay with you or to continue the relationship hence I want a divorce!’

The story number – 2)There was an Army Officer Umesh, His wife Gauri (again I have changed the names of the couple) was a daughter of another defence person but not a patriotic lady at all. She does not like the insecurity that resides in the life of a defence personal generally (because he/she sacrifices his/her own security to secure the security of his/her country and country people – comprehending that as his/her one of the duties). But her peer and husband Umesh was not a timid guy at all. He was a brave, bold, daring, and patriotic Army Officer and above all he just loved to serve his nation, country, and motherland – beloved India with all of his skills and proficiencies. So between these two people – Umesh and Gauri – the divorce was occurred eventually.

The story number – 3)There was a man, a typical rural man, alcoholic, illiterate, wife bitter. Hence his wife took divorce from him just to save her own life from that demon who was her husband unfortunately. She had no option actually.

No my dear reader, I won’t take another test of your patience now. Don’t worry. But I think you have all ready understood what I want to tell you. No? Yes, I just want to tell you these points or suggestions to prevent a divorce –


1)First of all try to understand yourself properly and entirely – what kind of a man or woman you are.

2)Now fix or place your expectations or demands or requirements from your spouse or husband or wife according to your own personality and personal choice without any kind of hesitation or assumption.

3)Love your life partner from core of your heart – truly and literally, show that frequently.

4)Be faithful to him or her.

5)Try to have all the virtues and stay away from any type of negativity.

6)Both of you are normal human beings, any of you is not a superman or super woman – be aware of this universal truth – always.

7) you are in a relationship which has no end result, is too firm and not fragile and will obtain even after your death and it needs love, care, portability, understanding, appreciation, comprehension – remember that.

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