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Divyenndu and Kiku will take you on laughter ride with 2016 The End

Jaideep Kr Chopra’s 2016 The End is a fun ride of four friends, who come to know that the world will end in 7 days. The camaraderie between the actors was so good that it has resulted in a well comic time on screen and all credit goes to fantastic comic connection between Divyenndu and Kiku.

When asked the director, who is his personal favourite, he says, “For a mother both of her children are equal. Kiku is so spontaneous and Divyenndu is Chupa rustom, he comes up with great comebacks with straight face which are unexpected.”

He further says, ” Kiku is a big surprise, generally what he does and  what he has done in the film is entirely different, it was shock for us how amazingly he was performing and has a special quality of cracking jokes on anything or everything.  Whereas,  Divyenndu is like those toppers in schools, who just pretend that they are doing nothing but actually have done full homework. He was playing underdog during workshops and was doing what was expected to do in the rehearsals but i knew at the time that during shoot he will improvise. They are very clever, while shooting they performed entirely different than of workshops.”

2016 The End, directed by Jaideep KR Chopra, stars  Divyenndu  Sharma, Kiku Sharda, Harshad Chopda, Priya Banerjee, Rahul Roy, Narendra Jha, Tom Alter, Supriya Karnik and Mir Sarwar, is produced by Jaideep Chopra Production and  is slated to release on 6th October 2017.


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