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Do testosterone boosters have side effects


So, your doctor has prescribed you a testosterone booster, or perhaps a friend told you about how it changed their libido? Maybe you’re just curious or an enthusiast and want to try one out? Whatever the reason might be, the fact is that testosterone boosters and supplements are increasingly becoming popular for their utility in revitalizing the male health and physique in young and old men alike.

Aged men use testosterone boosters primarily for increasing libido, whereas younger people – especially athletes and sportsmen – use them for building muscle mass and strength. Doctors may also prescribe them for people who have a testosterone deficiency. Indeed, in each case, testosterone supplements have been seen to provide very good results.

However, it is important to understand what these testosterone boosters are and what are their pros and cons.

testosterone are a type of androgen – a male hormone that is sometimes also called an anabolic steroid. Specifically, testosterone is a hormone that is mostly produced by the testes and is responsible for keeping up male health and physical activity.

The primary function of testosterone is to develop the male sex organs within a fetus during pregnancy. During puberty, testosterone are vital in the development of secondary sexual characteristics such as growth of facial and public hair, genital enlargement and deepening of the voice. In essence, testosterone are largely responsible for reproduction, and hence are often associated with male health and well-bring.

testosterone have various secondary and tertiary functions as well, such as regulating and improving fat distribution, bone mass, red blood cell production, muscle mass and strength.

Testosterone production in the body decreases with progressing age. As a result, senior citizens face a lot of symptoms that are typically associated with age but are actually because of lowering testosterone levels. These symptoms include a reduced sex drive (libido), erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, weak bones, loss of muscle mass and so on. Certain medical conditions might also cause testosterone deficiencies.

What do testosterone boosters do?

Testosterone boosters increase testosterone levels within the body through various means, natural or otherwise. Some boosters are chemical based and add testosterone directly to your bloodstream, while take a more natural course and stimulate the production of testosterone naturally instead.

Testosterone boosters have many advantages

  • Increased bone strength – testosterone help increase bone density making your bones stronger. Bone density naturally decreases with age, causing bones to become weak and suffer from conditions such as osteoporosis. Doctors often prescribe testosterone boosters to help combat such conditions.
  • Healthy heart – Testosterone boosters help maintain red blood cell creation through bone marrow, which results in a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Muscle Gain – When you work out, the pain feel afterwards is caused by rips in your muscles on a microscopic level. The body heals those rips with more tissue, causing the muscle to become stronger and more “muscular”. Testosterone boosters help heal muscles faster and allow athletes to train harder.
  • Increased libido – Since testosterone are responsible for maintaining the male reproductive organs, boosters help increase your sex drive (libido) and make you more aggressive, enthusiastic and energetic.
  • Improved mood – Testo-boosters combat testosterone deficiency which is known to cause irritability, depression and fatigue.
  • Improved concentration – High testosterone levels have shown to improve thinking and spatial recognition abilities and decrease chances of Alzheimer’s disease.

Side effects of testosterone boosters

Testosterone boosters are often safe if taken in the right quantities. However, as with anything else, they have side effects as well especially when taken in the wrong dosages.

  • Heart risks – Studies have shown that unnatural boosters, such as gels, can increase the risk of heart diseases when taken in large quantities. testosterone and steroids increase blood flow increasing red blood cell production. Too many red blood cells, a condition known as polycythemia, is very dangerous and can directly lead to increased risks of heart diseases
  • Emotional instability – Too much testosterone can make a person aggressive. Furthermore, hormonal imbalance can have a very adverse effect on a person’s long-term emotional stability.
  • Dangers for women – High testosterone levels can cause irregular menstrual cycles, increased body hair and skin acne. Women who have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) have high testosterone levels, which can be a cause of infertility. Women should always consult with a doctor before taking any sort of testosterone boosts, since their bodies are only designed to work with 8-10% of the testosterone quantity typically found in men.
  • Testes shrinkage – Abuse of testosterone boosters can cause the testes to shrink, which not only causes low sperm production but also low motility, thus leading to infertility.
  • Prostate cancer – Very high testosterone levels can cause elevated PSA (a protein produced by the prostate), which is indicative of prostate cancer.
  • Pectoral muscle enlargement
  • Skin conditions – The skin may become unusually oily, or acne prone. Some people may see other skin reactions as well as a result of taking too many testosterone boosters.
  • Sleep apnea – Sleep apnea can be a very unfortunate and uncomfortable side effect of testosterone overdose. It causes your breathing to pause during sleep; at this, your body suddenly jerks you out of sleep in order to resume breathing. These sleep interruptions will prevent you from sleeping well, leaving you tired and fatigued throughout the next day.

Do it right!

Testosterone boosters can be synthetic or natural. Both have their pros and cons, but we would always recommend natural remedies over chemicals engineered in a lab.

Testosterone boosters and supplements can change and improve the quality of your life quite significantly, provided that you use them the right way. If you need a testosterone boost, you must always consult with your doctor first, because everyone’s body has very specific testosterone requirements. Doctors and physicians observe patients over the course of time after administering drugs, and hence they are most qualified to tell you how much dosage you need, and what kind of supplement is right for you.

Do the testo-boosters right, or don’t do them at all!

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