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Do you get acne in winters too: here is how to deal with it?

Did you think acne only break out in summer? Are you surprised why you have to deal with acne even in winter? Well, there can be many possible reasons to have acne problem even in winter.

  • Stay Hydrated

So, the main reason of why acne is bothering you in winter is less consumption of water. As Dr. Nivedita Dadu says, ‘’ Our skin becomes dry because of the cold winter weather. Please ensure that you drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and flush the toxins.’’

  • Keep your face clean

The one thing that you need to take care of is to use a face cleanser which doesn’t dry out your skin and rather a hydrating one. The moist winter air can easily clog your pores with various pollutants. Cleansing and exfoliating is necessary for facial hygiene.

  • Moisturize, Moisturize & Moisturize

Yes, we can’t emphasize enough on how important it is to keep your skin moisturized in winter. A common mistake most girls do is to use a moisturizer which is oil based. If you have an oily skin, you should prefer using water based moisturizer or a facial gel. However, having an oily skin doesn’t mean you can skip the moisturizing part. We at Skinology also suggest using facials or face packs which deeply nourish your skin. Fruit packs or facials are good for all skin types.

  • Avoid too much Exfoliation

Of course you need to exfoliate your skin in winter as well but excessive exfoliation can drain the essential oils from your skin and make it dry. Too much dryness can be a reason for winter breakouts.

  • Exercise and Rejuvenate

Just because it’s winter, you can’t skip your morning routine. It might seem to be a great effort to wake and go for a walk in the cold outside, so what? You can exercise indoors, maybe you can do yoga or dance. However, staying indoors all the time isn’t advisable because if you take in refreshing morning air it will rejuvenate your skin and keep winter breakouts away from you.

  • What not to do

Small things/changes make all the difference.

  1. Do not take long hot showers; you can rather use lukewarm water.
  2. Do not use oily cosmetics or skin care products.
  3. Strong perfumes or products with pungent fragrances shall be avoided as it can cause skin irritation.
  4. Do not pick on acne.

 BY:: Dr. Nivedita Dadu- Founder, Chairman, Dermatologist at Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology clinic, New Delhi

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