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Do you know something? – I love you! Yes, yes, yes. I love you, I l-o-v-e y-o-u!

By: Mithu Ghoshal


 ‘Do you know something? – I love you! Yes, yes, yes.  I love you, I l-o-v-e y-o-u!’- Hey, have you ever told these types of sentences to somebody somewhere? Or have ever listened these types of sentences from anybody of the planet earth suddenly, surprisingly – in a solitary or populated place in your entire life? – What? What did you say? Ok, Ok, I understand. – ‘No, not yet!’ Then you have to go through this article with 100 percent of curiosity and concentration! It will make you quite optimized to accomplish your goal- believe me.

Yes, yes, I can understand! You have a big question in your mind and that is ‘Dear Miss Mithu Ghoshal,the curator of this article, are you qualified enough to yield any suggestion to me regarding this very particular of niches? Well, the honest answer is – YES. Believe me, I am not telling you any lie. I have been proposed by so many people of different ages, statuses, who have different qualities, educational and other qualifications and from different types of cultural and financial back grounds of the society  for several times till the date. Yes , I have been being proposed but have not proposed anybody yet.

I am an author – a creative person, and creative persons are mostly very wise persons also. And a wise person has a third eye too. So many people had shared their love stories with me earlier (that made me owe). Hence this is not a hard task for me to suggest you something about how to propose with manipulation and proficiency and make your ascension much easier. See, there are no such formulas or particular rites to propose somebody, who is the inmate of your heart felicitously, properly or perfectly. – Yes, no conflict is there about it. But remember only few things – 1)First of all you have to stop the oscillation of your own mind and also need to discern about your heart’s desire. – Do you really feel some one very much addictive!

2)If the answer is in positive means – yes (else you don’t have to regret. There is no place for remorse – mind it), then you have another task to complete. That is – be an aspiring person, don’t hide your profound temptation, throw away assumption and just stuck your mind to take a firm and strong decision to propose him or her eventually.

Your determination should not be a fragile one. – Remember it always.

download3)Now say ‘I love you’ through your body language with an oriental help of your both of eyes – don’t use your tongue, lips and voice firstly.

4) Then try to understand his or her body language is conveying what type of massage for you (massage means I want to say over here about the reaction that is produced by your own desperate endeavour as a matter of fact) hence, you have to show proper respect to it (positive or negative – whatever it is may be) also.

5) If you get a green signal from the inmate of your golden heart then what fruit to wasting time for nothing? Just go ahead with full of confidence. Don’t forget that a radiant and dazzling personality matters quite a lot and makes a lot of differences as well. It helps to bring your luck in your favour actually.

6)I know friend, I know very well that, love is accompanied by a sexual desire – most of the time. But, in this particular moment you should avoid any activity, which are supposed to be sexual. Yes, my friend, no entry for a cuddle or osculation even.

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