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Does a timing belt need to be replaced?

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The timing belt is an essential automotive component needed for the smooth operation of the engine. Every automotive come equipped with two shafts, namely, the crankshaft and the camshaft. It is the timing belt specification that connects both the shafts and helps them to turn together at a right time. This results in all other spare parts like valves and pistons are hopping and jumping at a right time, hence the name timing belt was given. It manages the timing of both the shafts along with several other components.

The auto timing belt is located under a timing cover which is in the front of the engine, which is generally made of high-quality rubber with nylon cords in order to extend its life. Without the proper complete functioning of the timing belt, the engine won’t work. However, not all vehicles come with the timing belt. Most of the times, it is found in smaller displacement cars, however, cars with higher displacement engines having larger bore and strokes get timing chain, rubber belt is replaced by a metal chain. The duration of changing a timing belt varies from driving conditions. Below are the few symptoms of failing timing belt.

Noise coming out of engine

Your car’s timing belt and pulley is attached to crank and camshaft. The purpose of the crankshaft is to give power to the connecting rod of the engine which is further attached to pistons within the combustion chamber. When it starts to wear out, it starts making some noise inside the motor, which is a reminder that timing belt needs replacement. However, this may also indicate the low oil pressure or the engine is not having enough lubrication.

Engine Misfiring

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A broken or worn out timing belt also impacts the engine fire rate. As we already know, the timing belt is attached to camshaft and crankshaft, but sometimes the belt slips on the camshaft and leads one cylinder to open at the right time. This could result in misfiring. If some action has not been taken at that time. It could damage the engine.

Engine Does Not Ignite

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The broken timing belt will not be able to ignite the engine. When you turn the key or ignition switch on, you could hear the sound of starter motor engagement, since the timing belts run the crankshaft and camshaft, it won’t turn. If your car won’t start, you won’t be able to take it anywhere. Moreover, if the problem occurs due to the damaged timing belt, there is a possibility of a few other problems in the compartment.

Oil Leakage from front of the motor

Sometimes, engine leaks the oil from the timing belt cover, which is secured by series of nuts and bolts and may lose over the time. Apart from that, it may leak when the gaskets wear out, cracked or not installed properly. The oil leakage from the timing cover results in overheating of the engine and likely to wear out timing belt prematurely.

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