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Does wearing a bra really provide support to your breasts?

Most of the women consider wearing a bra, a necessary thing. However, there’s not any harm in not wearing one. The decision is completely yours, wear a bra or go braless. It’s a widely known fact that bra supports our breasts. But, do they? What if we stop wearing a bra? Why it’s recommended to wear a bra?  How does it affect our body if we don’t wear one? Everything is covered in this guide. Read on to know.

  • Our breasts mainly contain glands, fates, fluids and connective tissue. Tissues and skin cover these contents. You can feel the strain on your breasts while standing or sitting without wearing a bra. As you run or walk, these tissues of the breast might go through small injuries, which causes discomfort and pain. Women with huge busts struggle to manage the weight.
  • Wearing a bra helps in reducing this weight. A bra redistributes almost all of the weight of the bust to the waist and shoulder area. If you wear a bra that properly fits you, about 20 per cent of the total weight is carried by your shoulders and the other 80% by the band.
  • Women who do not wear a bra go through more physical stress as compared to women who wear a bra. Since bra provides support to our breasts, not wearing one can cause back problems, neck pain and discomfort. Whether it’s dancing, exercising or moving up and down the stairs, bras will provide support and prevent unwanted bouncing of boobs.
  • Those women who have bigger boobs will have to lie back to provide support and maintain the balance of your body. So, a bra is necessary for improving the posture of your body. No more leaning back like a couch potato!
  • The area where you mostly sweat is under your bust. Sweating under breasts can cause infections, irritation and can cause discomfort. Since a bra provides support, it will hold up the breasts and prevent sweating.
  • Using a bra is also beneficial for women will small boobs. It makes you feel even more relaxed as they aren’t necessarily bigand the bra keeps the breasts together. Have a date night? Is it difficult to create a cleavage? Why don’t you try a push-up bra? Push-up bras or underwire bras slightly uplift your boobs and creates cleavage. Get a good bra and you’re all set to rock and flatter that OOTD.
  • You can minimize or maximize the size of your breasts by putting on a good bra. Padding bras will give a rounded and pushed up appearance to your breasts. However, if you’re aiming for the opposite thing, make sure your bra is of the correct band size, cup and one that covers your breasts properly.

Bottom Line:

Though wearing a bra is necessary, that doesn’t mean you’ll put on a bra 24/7. Your breasts only need support while you’re active, but while you sleep your boobs need rest too. Release your breasts from the band at night so that they can breathe too.

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