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Doggy heaven is up in the Ayr at UK’s first pet hotel and spa

BELLSLEA Hills Pet Hotel and Spa, the first of its kind in the UK, opens its doors to our four-legged friends today (10.03.15) in Ayrshire.

Offering five star luxury for pet pooches, no expense has been spared on the custom-built facility which features everything from an indoor state-of-the-art hygienic artificial grass play area – unique to the UK – to a bone-shaped splash pool and a range of extravagantly decorated suites with individually temperature controlled underfloor heating and 32” flat screen TVs equipped with webcams, a luxurious spa and over 40 acres of land for dogs to romp about in at their supervised leisure.

Will Aitken, managing director, said: “Bellslea Hills Pet Hotel and Spa is the first of its kind in the UK; the only comparable facilities are located in Beverley Hills and Hollywood.

“As a dog lover, I know what level of care I would want for my own pets and that is precisely what we have designed Bellslea Hills to deliver. I’m convinced that, like me, rather than a standard kennel, pet owners would much rather place their beloved dogs in a facility offering the highest possible quality and providing exceptional levels of care and comfort.”

The exclusive facility features some 28 five star suites; each of which can accommodate multiple dogs from the same family.

“Many dog owners put on a TV for their pet when they leave the home for any period of time during the day, which is why all our suites feature TVs for dogs to watch and listen to their favourite daytime show or, alternatively, the TVs can screen an image of a crackling log fire to give the suite a warm, homely feel,” said Aitken.

“Our webcams offer 360 degree rotation and can be controlled from a smartphone; and as they work with an infrared camera, giving night vision too, owners can keep an eye on their pet from anywhere in the world at any time, whilst a two-way audio system means they can talk to their pet too!”

Pet hotel guests will be pampered throughout the course of their stay, with their own individual meals specially prepared to their own particular tastes. They will be exercised regularly and washed and groomed in the luxurious spa facility which features several different shampoos and conditioners, including hypoallergenic and colour enhancing options with different scents. The wash systems feature specialist aerating showerheads, giving dogs a massage as they are cleaned whilst enhancing the gleam of their coats. 

And for sensitive pooches liable to be distressed by the noise of blow driers, there’s even a unique, luxury spa box within which warm air is blown gently to dry their coats.

In addition to hotel guests, clients are encouraged to make use of this facility throughout the year on a self-wash basis during opening hours.

“So if you’ve been down to the beach with your dog, or playing in a muddy field, you can pop along to use our spa facilities and have a peek at what else we can offer your precious pooch!” said Aitken.

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