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Don’t Give Up!! Don’t Give In!!

dont give upImagine you reach your Goal without any pain and failure; be rest assured you are either dreaming or your goal was way below your limits. The fruit of success will taste far sweeter when you grow post a failure.

Failure teaches you the meaning of words courage, wisdom, passion, drive and skill. All losers can never win; it will always be the one who had the courage to walk that extra mile who will stand out of the crowd.

It’s a popular saying, experience is a hard teacher, that takes the test first and gives the lessons later. Consider Failure to be mathematics, chemistry of accounts; those who learn from it will never fear to confront and those who run away will struggle with it for lifetime. Confront failure; it will always try to knock you down, make you lose hope, even many will turn around and leave their passions, but remember it will always be one who will show courage to follow the path that will end on the podium.

Don’t Give UP!! Don’t Give IN!!

In a life where there is no rewind button, have no regrets, live with passion. You might sleep today and leave it for tomorrow; probably you will never have tomorrow. Work to enhance yourself till the time you are satisfied, you are not here to impress others.

Sweat until you Bleed to Death…

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