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Don’t make your love life a morbid or a fatigue one!

Just be twined with your love peer and rejuvenate your love life now!

imagesLove is a feeling – which has no shape as –usually! And a latent one – as usually! But it deserves a soar up surely. You must flaunt up your addiction, keen aspiration, temptation, fond affection and appetency in front of your love peer very frequently and whimsically by various physical activities yet distinct genre. – A healthy love life requires these things – truly. In other words, these mere things make a love-recipe delicious and palatable. If you comprehend the havoc of your love life as an arena, then you must have a manoeuvre and some weapons also to become the laureate, to win the crown and throne. You can use an embrace of your own arms as one of the most effective weapons of yours in this particular niche or arena of your own love life actually. Yes, your cuddles will forge a durable yet endurable love abode for both of you – and in an adorable yet gentle genre! Just give them a chance now!

There are so many varieties are there in the styles of the cuddles. – Yes, it is a verity undoubtedly! Yet don’t believe! Hence, provision for you – Just check these out! –

1)     You can sit upon your sweetheart’s thighs or she can sit upon her husband’s (that is you – one and only) lap. Be congressed with each other. Now you can exchange your passion urged warm hugs. You can osculate each other time to time and become overjoyed in love and by love!

2)     Become a static one, sit down in a still and stationery manner. Tell your lady to put her right arm on your shoulder and to place her breasts to your chest and to squeeze forcefully! You also try to make her satisfied with uncountable hot and forcible cuddles – sincerely! Don’t peep. An eye contact is absolutely unnecessary in this situation. Close your eyes – both of you and relish the excitement, profound, pious and bias love and endearment with full of concentration and 100 percent of dedications.

3)     Now keep yourselves in an up righted standing position. Entangle her with both of your arms and demand something correspondent with it from her as the return gift. It will indulge your temptation surely. Just follow this process – pass your four arms round each other. Now place your queen’s legs between your own legs. – This way the inside of your thighs will come in contact with the outside of your queen’s thighs. Don’t forget to osculate her (don’t be a goof or poof or a frugal or a continent one) simultaneously, in a madly way and make her aroused, amused and dishevelled in and with love absolutely!

4)     Lie down in a bed. Make your lady accord to throw down her one of the two sides of you – near you. Now request her to cling to you forcibly.

5)     Stand up and tell her to encircle your waist, to pass her leg around your thigh. Tell her to osculate you continuously too.

6)     Stand up firmly and let her to place her one foot upon your foot yet elevate other leg to the height of your thigh, entangle your waist and osculate you without any interruption too.

7)     Stand up by clinging up each other’s waist.

8)     Stand up closely and tig each other’s forehead.

By: Mithu Ghoshal

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