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Do’s and Don’ts for fitness

Hey friends, today I will tell you the fitness mantra. As we all want a good figure and also want to look hot and sexy. But because of we are not doing something which is very important for our health and doing something which we should not do, we always put on weight specially in winters. 
Fatness is a very big challenge now days. Our daily routine doses not according to our health, that is just like home to office and office to home. In between that we lost our heath and put on weight on very high speed.
To stop putting weight or for loosing weight we should take care of few things. These are very small things but play very vital role from our health’s point.
I am going to tell you some do’s and don’ts which we should follow for sexiest personality. By following below do’s and don’ts we all can get our dream hot and sexy figure.
Do’s and Don’ts for avoiding fatness 
Do’s :
1 – Have one glass of warm lemon water or you can have one glass of warm water and mix one table spoon honey, that will help you in removing extra fat from your body.
2 – Avoid tea and coffee in the morning and take a cup of green tea or you can have one spoon Linseed in the morning, it will help you in reducing the fat from your body. Linseed is a good source of omega 3 and iron.
Don’ts :
1 – Don’t skip or delay your breakfast
2 – Don’t Skip your daily morning walk and exercise 
3 – Don’t have a less sleep at night. You should have a good Sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours.
4 – don’t forget to have a protein and fiber diet.

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