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do’s and don’ts for happy clubbing

Culture of clubbing and lounging is burgeoning with every passing day. But during all the unwinding, socializing and hobnobbing you must also keep check on yourself to make the experience worth enjoying for yourself and others. Please follow these commandments to make clubbing fun and stress buster exercise which promotes bonding with your companions. NITIN AKA NONU CHAWLA, Successful entrepreneur, promoter of CINEMA LOUNGE & BAR   shares this thoughts and do’s and don’ts for happy clubbing.

·         Know  your  group and friends you are accompanying for clubbing and partying. Its always fun in group and circle specially with those you bond well .

·         Its rude to get inebriated and passé innuendos at women who’s not keen to mingle with you or unwilling to initiate conversation with you.

·         Dress up to look nice and not trashy, follow the trend to look cool and happening but don’t go overboard with it. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in ,depending on the weather, you can always take liberty for being experimentive with your clothes as you want to let your hair down but again its all about being fashionable classy and chic.

·         Some people misconstrue the prerequisites of specific style of dressing like for looking smart casual they will even enter a club with their slippers on. They rather try to barge in.

·         Be modest and don’t be rude or use intemperate language with the staff of club or bartenders, don’t be rude or insensitive. Don’t talk disdainfully.

·         ONE must wear good perfume as bad odour is big turn off for your partner or companion.  At the same time don’t overuse it as some people are hyper sensitive to certain smells and odours.

·         Be in the spirits and keep yourself energetic, Keep yourself hydrated  before you binge don’t pig out over food and drinks go slow, binging is fine but binge and purge is out and out no no. You might make yourself a laughing stock among your companion otherwise.

·         Space your drinks, don’t drink too much in a short period of time. Always keep your drinks within sight. Don’t mix different types of drinks. Drink water or fresh juice when you get home and before you sleep to hydrate yourself.

·         Take healthy food during the day and along with alcohol to minimise the ill effects of drinks.

·         Avoid mixing different brands of drinks, types of drinks and making a cocktail of them.

·         Take a drink less but make sure to be in your form and senses.

·         ONE should indulge more in the atmosphere rather then enjoying the drink only.

·         Don’t go clubbing with people you are not comfortable with or are doubtful about..

·         Always keep the battery of your phone charged and keep someone in the loop for your whereabouts.

·         Always keep your business cards in place of giving or saving no with music blaring..

·         . Don’t  drink and drive, book a cab or keep a chauffeur

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