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Double suicide bomb attack in Syrian Capital Damascus; over 30 killed

More than 30 people are reported to be killed and several injured in two suicide bomb attacks that occurred in Syrian Capital Damascus on Wednesday. The first suicide bomb attack occurred at the Palace of Justice. Located near the Old City, the Palace of Justice is the main courthouse in central Damascus. As per information provided by Justice Minister Najem al-Ahmad, the initial death toll is 31, most of whom were civilians. In the second suicide bomb attack, the primary target was a popular restaurant in the al-Rabweh area of Damascus. The second suicide bomb attack caused several causalities. As per information provided by Damascus police, the total number of injured in the first blast is 102, whereas in the second blast, the total number of injured is 28.

Security analysts who specialize in matters related to Syria said that, as the jihadi rebels, who are fighting against President Bashar al-Assad, face military defeat, they are likely to deploy guerrilla tactics. This in turn will give rise to more such attacks in the future. Earlier also, many suicide attacks have occurred in Syrian capital Damascus. Just last Saturday, dozens of Iraqi Shi’ite pilgrims were killed in a double suicide attack in Damascus. A jihadist group named Tahrir al-Sham had claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack.

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