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Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari

(Chairman and Managing Director – VBRI Group)


Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari is the Chairman and Managing Director of VBRI innovation and technology group headquartered in Sweden. Under his excellent leadership, the company that began with small publishing activity in 2002 has become a multi-national company expanding its outreach into the research segments of education, health, energy, technology, agriculture, and environment. He is responsible for the functioning of the organization in India and on the International frontier. Dr. Tiwari has adroitly framed VBRI to facilitate social welfare and rural upliftment across the world, especially India.

Dr. Tiwari, a Non-Resident Indian Technocrat, and Entrepreneur is also Director at Institute of Advanced Materials, VBRI AB; Secretary General; International Association of Advanced Materials, Chairman and Managing Director of AAA InnotechPvt. Ltd. One of the youngest world leaders in the field of Nanotechnology, Dr. Tiwari has published more than 500 articles and has edited/authored around 50 books on the advanced materials and nanotechnology. With VBRI innovation and technology group as the parent organization, the multitalented aficionado has been guiding the organization to attain excellence, including communication and engagement with world scholars, research forums, development organizations,research institutes, industries and universities across the globe. Dr. Tiwari adroitly monitors the services provided by VBRI group across various segments including Innovation and Technology, IT Services, Education, VBRI Press, and Events.

Dr. Tiwari, with his prowess and expertise in the subject field, has several honorary professorship affiliations since 2009. He has also innovated a range of nanotechnology advances in Technology developments for Healthcare, Programmable medicine, Intelligent- security, and environmental tools. Dr. Tiwari has been awarded ‘The Nano Award’, ‘Innovation in Materials Science Award’ and ‘Advanced Materials Medal’ for his extraordinary contributions to smart materials and medical nanotechnology. He is a founder member and Co-Chair of Advanced Materials Congress and World Technology Summit. He also holds the Executive Chair in the Advanced Materials Congress, World Technology Conclave, Baltic Conference Series, Global Graphene Forum and Energy Technology Congress held in Europe, Asia, and the US.

Prior to the establishment of VBRI innovation and technology group, Dr. Tiwari served as Universitetslektor at Linköping University. After completing his doctorate degree from Allahabad University, Dr. Tiwari joined the National Physical Laboratory, India as a young scientist and later moved to the University of Wisconsin, the USA for postdoctoral research. He has also achieved significant fellowship awards across the world including the Marie Curie fellowship by the European Commission, JSPS regular and bridge fellowship, NIMS postdoctoral fellow from Japan, SI fellowship from Sweden and various grants from INSA, CSIR, DBT, ICMR, MOES and DST in India.

Dr. Tiwari is passionate about building a new social arena and creating incredible development tools for the mankind with New Age Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Transformational Research. He strongly believes in the ideology of “Commitment to Excellence” and building the business through cooperation, exchanges of working methods, infrastructures, multidisciplinary researches, and progressing ahead as a united global team. Dr. Tiwari is also a dedicated social activist, working for the social upliftment, especially for the welfare of rural India for over two decades.

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