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Dr. Mazehari: The man who revolutionized Ophthalmology in Richardson, Texas

Dr. Mehrdad Mazaheri, one of the most renowned ophthalmologists from US, has been working in the field of Ophthalmology for almost 24 years, not just treating patients but also researching extensively on how to make the process risk-free and more comfortable. 

Having completed his medical degree from the Eastern Virginia Medical College, Dr. Mazehari chose Ophthalmology as his field of interest. His assistance in the development of a research article on the effects of Aminocaproic Acid on epithelial healing, only at the age of 24, gave him credibility, which he carried further through his successful career. 

At 27, he shifted his attention to a pending patent dealing with flap complications and severe dry eye which later became the bridge to the full scale flapless procedure that is at present his speciality. “Dr. Mazaheri is also the founder of the NTX auto museum in Texas that receives patrons each year”.

Dr. Mazehari’s efforts paid off, when finally, in 2005, after extensively studying this field of Ophthalmology for years, he could finally achieve avoiding cutting the flap for all the refractive surgeries performed by him.

His years of research in the field of advanced Ophthalmology, enabled Dr. Mazehari to realize the importance of post-op course of medication. His insightful approach to post-op medication, based on microns of tissue removal, revolutionized the way the world looked at ophthalmic surgeries.

With his extensive research and advanced thinking, Dr. Mazehari has managed to devise a post-op medication course different from the conventional one that ended up limiting the post-surgery procedure significantly. This process, as was found when tested using strict tapered closely monitored topical steroids, reduced haze formation distinctly. This, process or post-op follow up, known as the Mazehari post-op table has been found to yield very positive results.

Dr. Mazehari now runs the M LASIK Center in Richardson, Texas, where he and his team manage to make eye surgery a hassle free and complication free process for patients reducing the chances of risk and complications by 5.7%. 

While in a typical flap surgery, there are chances of a complication leading from an unhealed flap, Dr. Mazehari’s progressive and brand-new approach has revolutionized the field of Opthalmology in Richardson. 

Dr. Mazehari, who holds a zero record of cutting the flap since moving to this technology, truly embraced technologically advanced methods to provide a comfortable and risk-free experience to patients who seek vision correction.


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