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Dr. Michael Mazaheri – An oculist of precision

The gift of eyesight should be cherished by mankind for ever. Preserving this gift is an individual’s responsibility and a fine example of a person who believes in the noble deed of caring for the gift of eyesight is Dr. Michael Mazaheri. He is one of the most celebrated surgeons and ophthalmologist Dallas, Texas, United States. The 50 years old expert has been working actively in the field of ophthalmology from the past 20 years.

Dr Mazaheri studied Bachelor of Science in chemistry from George Mason University and later went to pursue aMedical Degree from East Virginia Medical School in 1989. He was a part of the State University of New York for his eye surgery training in the year 1994 and then later on went to the Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Mazaheri established the M LASIK center in Richardson, Dallas, Texasand became a board certified surgeon in the year 1999. Being a refractive eye surgery expert, Dr. Mazaheri has revolutionized the way LASIK surgery is perceived worldwide. At the age of 27, he began to work on a patent on performing a flap surgery which laid the structure of the flapless procedure. He has been able to successfully innovate a No-Cut or Flapless LASIK surgery technique, which involves cutting the flap of the cornea to stroma and perform the surgery using laser. An interesting fact about Dr. Mazaheri is that he himself has undergone the no-cut or flapless LASIK surgery in order to attain credibility and achieved a perfect 20/20 vision.

Being a person of great intellect and skills, Dr. Mazaheri had performed hyperopic PRK, an exceedinglydemanding procedure, which was followed up by an efficient and effective post operation care. It proved to be of  great help to patients who experienced haze formation and other complications post the surgery. He has excelled in performing the surgery over the years which has lead the procedure risk free and successful as compared to a Flap LASIK surgery.

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