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Your clothes express a great deal about the confident, super-achieving professional that you are. Dressing to impress is never more important than when you’re stepping out for a professional rendezvous. Clothes that exude professionalism, control and comfort can go a long way in cementing your image as the perfect power woman who will deliver as she promises. Here are a few tips to dress right and crack that business meeting that will propel your career further:

  • FRENCH CONNECTION REIGNING JACKET BLUE- Rs 3999Suits: A crisp and tidy formal suit is an ideal dress which can never go wrong for any kind of business meeting. Neutral colours like black, brown, blue and off-white are perfect as business outfits. Stay away from flashy colours as they will snatch all the attention from your presentation to your outfit. Pair the suits with long pants or a formal skirt with a collared shirt or a shell top. A professional suit denotes the importance you give to that particular meeting.
  • Pants: Your choice of pants indicates a lot about you. In fact pants can make or break your look, so be extra careful while sporting them. Khaki, corduroy and twill are excellent choices for fabric. The pants should be properly ironed. Make sure that the hem of the pant covers your ankle but doesn’t fall on the floor. Avoid pants in denims, synthetics (polyester and rayon) and pure cotton materials.
  • Skirt suits: Skirt suits are suitable for those who want to look graceful and stylish, while keeping their corporate look intact. The colour, material and length of the skirt are highly important. All these attributes of your skirt should complement your personality. An inch here and there can make you look less than immaculate. Ensure that your skirt suit is properly fitted, neither too long nor too small.
  • Shoes: When it comes to shoes, keep it as simple and modest as you can. Stick to closed-toed pump shoes for a professional look. The colour of your shoe must go with the outfit you are wearing. Try to avoid high heels, flat sandals and stilettos. Your walk and handshake are two things that show how confident you are in a business meeting. Don’t let the walk go wrong by choosing a wrong pair of shoes.
  • Wear minimal accessories: Prep up your look with a pair of elegant earrings and perhaps an understated neckpiece. A classic bag and a tasteful watch will further enhance the look.  A little more than this will reverse the impact. Try to avoid glittering and showy accessories.  
  • Color and Patterns: Choose your colours wisely and thoughtfully. Stick to sophisticated shades like dark grey, beige and navy blue which will keep you on the safer side. Conservative and sober patterns can further add to your professional and business-like demeanour.  
  • Other details: Fashion simply means being comfortable and presentable. Don’t go for something that doesn’t match your personna. Learn to carry off good outfits with a greater panache. It is imperative that clothes be clean, ironed and crisp and shoes be polished properly. A judicious combination of the right clothes and right attitude will do wonders for you in a business meeting.  
  • Cost / Quality: Put your money on quality, not on popular brands that are uber expensive. Business meetings are not for showing off labels but to present a pleasing yet sophisticated image in front of your potential clients.

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