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Many people are baffled by their weight, and many others even feel insecure because they think they look fat or the body size is just not to their expectations. However, with some simple fashion tips, you will be able to look thinner and nicer in your outfit.

So, it is time to wave off the concept that clothes feel better to one type of body than another, or that the overrated idea that there are exclusive clothes for very thin people. The fact is that the key does not lie in weight or height but in proportion. Here are some tips on how to dress to look thinner.

  1. Invest in a shape wear or proper inner wear

Let’s start from the inside out, as it does not matter how beautiful the clothes is if the bra you chose is not proper. A bra that fits you well will help shape your silhouette and support your chest. Wearing a bra of the wrong size can create cutting lines that sink into your skin and cause your bust to stick out at the top. Consider getting a professional size bra in the women’s clothing section of a department store.

Also, underwear that is too tight can create bumps and lines that can be seen through pants and other clothing. Consider buying seamless underwear of the correct size to ensure a perfectly harmonious silhouette between upper and lower body, as in general,our body shapes are very different from each other, some wider up, others with little marked waist, others with hips more voluminous. Hence,it is important to dress in the right proportion.

Although bikini-type underwear and thongs avoid lines in underwear, they cover very little, and do not lift or offer support. Wear shorts, underpants and other types of underwear that help lift the buttocks and thighs. These cuts can help create a tighter and smoother stomach. Buy clothing of the correct size. Garments that are too small and tight show any excess area of your body.

On the other hand, too large and loose garments will make you look wider and fatter than you are. Only the garments that properly carve you will favor you. That means you have to try on the clothes in the store. Although the label of a shirt indicates a certain size, that does not mean that it will remain in the same way as the other shirts that you have of that size. making your garments fit properly means you have them made to measure, then do it.

  1. Dress in three colors – Use the strong tones to enhance your fashion sense

Color analyst, Nikki Bogardusonce said ‘Colors work best when they are in harmony with each other’. You do not have to start big, start choosing colors that match or in harmony with your skin and hair color. A quick tip here: Dress in three colors with at least two neutral colors. If you have totally no clue on which color to go to, start with choosing a multi-colored dress.

Try using dark and strong tones in your favor – If you have a wider low body part, bet on the most marked and printed tonalities in the upper one. And vice versa, if you want to boost the lower one, give color to that area and bet on the neutral in contrast.

  1. The power of vertical stripes

Look that there are urban legends about the clothes that feel better, but this is one of the few that is not. It is a proven fact that vertical stripes lighten the silhouette and stylize. And it is a trick that applies to all body types.

  1. Choose shoes in nude colors

Although the black is what have more fame, the reality is that those who feel better with almost all looks, are nude color, the closest to the natural tone of your skin. Just as black gives a radical cut on your skin (more in spring than you go without socks), the lighter ones harmonize the silhouette.

  1. The accessories as allies

A good necklace or a piece of nice accessory for the hair help attract attention to the face, and avoid focusing on those parts that you may not want to be noticed so much. Accessories are also a great complement to give a good touch to your outfit. Use them with balance, and as the prints do not choose pieces too heavy or large because this will make you look more volume.

Also avoid necklaces too tight on the neck, as they cut your figure. Opt for a little longer garments that will give your trunk and neck the appearance of being more elongated.

  1. Upload (a little) the shot of the clothes

We are not in favor of carrying all the clothes with the high shot, because in jeans for example, it can do the opposite effect on pronounced hips. However in cloth pants or bet is always to raise it a little to mark the waist. And it works for both upper and lower area.

If you want to see higher and not shorten your figure, then remember that the skirts and dresses must be knee or a little below. If you choose shorter items your figure will look even smaller because your short legs will stand out.

If you also wear stockings of the same color as the skirt, you will look thinner and more stylized, an infallible trick!

  1. It’s not the length of your skirt, it’s the fall

Contrary to popular belief, midi and long skirts are perfect for all body types. Thinners should opt for pleats and folds, and those with more curves should opt for stiffer fabrics and straight silhouettes. And very important, that the midi skirt reaches just two spans above the ankle and the long tape covers the feet almost completely.

With these little tips we gave, you can look thinner on any ladies office wear, without dieting, without spending a lot of time in the gym. These tips are essential for you to look thinner and to highlight your figure in your attire. The clothes we choose, accessories, prints and even the colors of the clothes are basic to help us achieve the desired pretty look.

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