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Driving License to be linked to Aadhaar soon

Bringing yet another key system under the Aadhaar, the government said that driving licenses will soon be linked to Aadhaar. The announcement was made by Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. However, the minister did not specify exactly when the driving license-Aadhaar linking would be completed. The minister’s statement comes even when the Supreme Court is yet to decide on the validity of Aadhaar. However, the government is confident that Aadhaar would be approved by the Supreme Court since it has been hugely beneficial for various social welfare schemes and for checking financial crimes such as money laundering and black money. PAN has already been linked to Aadhaar, which has helped curb money laundering.

Pointing out to the benefits of Aadhaar linking to various systems, Prasad said that Aadhaar has helped save Rs 57,000 crore via the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system. The minister said that earlier this money was entirely pocketed by various middlemen. He said that schemes like MGNREGA have been linked to DBT, wherein the benefits are directly transferred to the bank account of recipients. Prasad also dismissed allegations about data leaks, saying that Aadhaar data is kept securely in encrypted form and there is no danger of hacking. He said that there are special laws as well that are designed to deal with any misuse.

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