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Dual Burden this Winter: Viral Infection & Seasonal Flu

Combating viral infection, seasonal flu and strengthening immunity through ‘Ayurveda Herbs’ this winter.

December 2020: Amid the rush of ailing, combating and finding the vaccines to get a sigh of relief from the scourge of rapidly increasing COVID-19 and its unplugged infectious drive, we have very much entered into the winters, which have its own blues. Like other seasons, winter also comes with its own set of health problems. And while COVID-19 prevails with its undeterred infectious rage, it turns very essential to be more cautious about other winter induced seasonal flu and keeping the level of immunity up and going.

We know that the winter season is associated with common infections such as the common cold, flu, and others, and with the COVID-19 pandemic around, it has become imperative to boost immunity and keep ourselves in the pink of health to reduce the risk of complications due to the viral infection. As the infectious wave of COVID-19 pandemic is going on with its own sniffing and coughing symptoms along with the mix of similar seasonal symptoms that surface in winters, our perception of not associating winter as being good for our health becomes strong, but Ayurveda contradicts this notion saying – the winter season is best to improve well-being. This can be achieved by using the Ayurvedic herbs and adhering to customised lifestyle.

“Every season has its own disease stock, so in winter. But, this winter, we are supposed to face double burden – the seasonal flu and the ongoing viral infection of COVID-19. Besides all preventive measures and other treatment modalities, natural cure lasts – the longest. It is the safest treatment and does not bring side effects such as drowsiness or addictive behaviour. Adopting the Ayurvedic Cure ensures that you strengthen your defence systems naturally and prevent it from getting worse,” says, Mr Anand Shrivastava, Chairman, Maharishi Ayurveda.

“As per Ayurveda, natural herbs mitigate the illness by nourishing your body and strengthen your body to protect it from the virus. Ayurveda not only provides a stronger immunity of health but along with a physical immunity one also achieves a strengthened mental immunity as well as spiritual immunity. In the current scenario, Ayurvedic herbs would be very much effective in combating viral infection, strengthening immunity and seasonal flu,” added Mr Shrivastava.

Ayurvedic Herbs: Viral Infection, Immunity & Seasonal Flu

In this winter season, the spread of the cold, cough and flu can be listed as the most common ailments, while viral infections and seasonal flu are doing the rounds as COVID-19 is looming large upon us. Seasonal flu and viral infections come and go more often than you would like. However, your ability to handle a virus depends on your immune system. The strength of the immune system depends on how efficiently your body functions and utilizes its sustenance-energy from within one’s physiology.

However, given the ongoing fears of COVID-19 pandemic that is floating around, we need something natural and ayurvedic to ensure healthy living. The way to stay healthy and fit in the long run is to reduce the chances of recurrence. The best solution is to speed up healing time and reduce recurrence rates with natural herbal remedies. One of such herbal remedies is Maharishi Ayurveda’s AyurDefence AV, which is formulated with a combination of 19-herbs.

Maharishi Ayurveda’s AyurDefence AV helps us maintain sufficient reserve for our immune system to enable us to face mental and physical stresses. This is also to protect us from external infectious invasions including allergies and viruses. It works synergistically to enhance vitality, inner strength and stability and balances the entire system to strengthen immunity. This possesses the much-needed functional attributes that enable the energised body to guard itself against viruses and other external health threats. It strengthens our defence mechanism and boosts immunity naturally. The effectiveness of this remedy lies in the balanced and proportional blend of some of the most potent herbs found in nature.

“Every season and every change in the season brings about viral infections and seasonal flu. According to Ayurveda, a person’s strength reduces during the winter season also known as Shishir Ritu. In this season, the temperature shifts and it allows a different group of viruses to flourish. It is these viruses that make people sick. Allergies irritate your lungs, making you more vulnerable to cold, cough and flu. Summer brings hay fever while winter aggravates your runny nose and wet cough. Viral infections can hit you at any time of the year. In winters, Ayurvedic herbs are very useful to keep the viral infection and seasonal flu at bay,” said, Dr Saurabh Sharma, Medical Superintendent, Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital.

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