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Dubai Gurdwara organizes Ramzan Iftar for people of all religions

In a heart-warming initiative, a Gurdwara in Dubai, UAE, hosted an Iftar for people of all religious groups. The Gurunanak Darbar gurdwara is the biggest in the entire Gulf region. People from 30 different countries attended the common Iftar and broke their Ramzan fast together. The special initiative was launched to promote the spirit of tolerance and charity. This is among the few occasions that the Muslim community has had the opportunity to break their fast while sharing the moment with people from other cultures and religion. Around 120 people participated in the multi-religious Iftar organized at the gurdwara. They came from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Mexico, America and Serbia.

Soon after the call to Maghreb (evening) prayers started inside the gurdwara, the guests broke their fast with water, dates and several other Indian dishes. When the meal was over, the guests offered prayers inside the gurdwara. Surender Singh Kandhari, chairman of Gurunanak Darbar, said that the initiative was aimed at bringing people together at a time when hatred has spread to all corners of the planet. “In a world that struggles with extremism, the best way to cut it is through creating friendships among different faiths and nationalities and making the difference ourselves. It is only through communication that we can overcome adversities,” said Kandhari.

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