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Dullness in studies lead to Failure of creating Next generation

download (1)IF Intelligence is 20% ,emotional intelligence should be 80% will develop a person to be an brilliant guy. If one is less then it lead to failure in its Educational Back ground. Every person should have an IQ test to calculate the knowledge and individual bagged from Education.We can not comment success but success often command to those who dare and act should be the key word of person who is sleeping with out developing educational skills. If money is lost nothing is lost,if comfort is lost something is lost, if education is lost, Then, everything will be lost should be know to the person to invoke the fighting skills to get developed so that after the death also the society will talk about the person.

Failure is the stepping stone of success should be developed in the person who is failure and he should have think hard work pays as he did not think how he been dull and how it will affect next generation is the outline of the story. Venkat born in 17.09.1985 where great personalities have born who have gone to great heights.He born in an rich family.His parents thought that he should not be an useless guy from rich family so that they take care of their boy as a girl and he forgot to be a boy and his behaviour been as a girl.His parents is an stingy so they don’t want to spend money for their living  also. so they did not give good education to their son and also not given special coaching in the subject he was weak. His mom was Roman catholic and his father was hindu so venkant don’t had religious back ground and also no thinking ability and slow in decision making also.then he said to his cousins,family members ,friends,church people as he was an intelligent boy. why others believed was his usefulness jovial talking which could be named as gossiping. He got 685/1100 in 10th std. then in 12th std he got 801/1200. But he said outside that he is an talented boy by giving useless suggestion and help to family members. After his school education he join in BE EEE, there also, he got 12 arrears. then he did not complete the course after six months of course completion only he cleared the remaining 2 arrears. then  in MBA he had 2 arrears but he completed the arrears when he finished the course. Then, he join in college as lecturer.

Such a dull headed guy could create next generation. Really there will be failure because students will find difficulties to grasp knowledge from this lecturer. In society next generation should be in different fields in high level but if coaching and training in graduation is failure means it will affect them to go to a Job for this who is the reason the guru should be capable of giving creative and innovative skills in next generation. The guru should also know the quote the heights of great man were not reached by sudden flight,but they while their companions slept were toiling up the night.

By: Annie steffi Sydney

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