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Dynamic Fast Growing Entrepreneur –Vibha Narshana

Vibha Narshana is Successful Entreprenuer and founder of Solitaire Events and Party and Travel Group -PARTRA with clients Like Archana Kochhar ,Vaishnavi Macdonald ,Mit College Pune .Smart association Ijma association and many more.

They have 60000 members have joined there group called PARTRA and socialised at our events happens every month.

Vibha M. Narshana is not only someone who has studied Event Management as a subject but has also made it the mainstay of her entrepreneurial career. Business Idea – Vibha believes in doing something that adds an extra dimension to an area where most seem to be aping each other. She says “Solitaire events is specialized in the events like BTL promotions, Mall promotion, Club events, Public relations and related activity, We believe in bringing the ideas of clients to convert into reality.

Her Firm Solitaire events have more than 900 events and weddings in her career and community platform call PARTRA. PARTRA a very successful social platform where you can meet new people, make friends, and make new connections while partying hard and travelling places!

They are a large community of people from all age groups and varying backgrounds, who like to make new friends, travel, eat, drink, party, have night outs and at times we just simply meet to grab a coffee and chat. Essentially we like to Celebrate Life.

Vibha is an entrepreneur who has found out the hard way that mistakes that are not always your fault. Hers “non-mistake” was “Trusting a fresher, sum supplier by paying them advance amount and they didn’t revert back” With more than 300 freelancers and 200 associate in different states Vibha is looking to take Partra nationwide and then international.

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