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The world of E-commerce has witnessed significant growth in the recent years. India has witnessed the cropping up of several e-commerce companies. Infact, India with its growing and burgeoning economy and high population has become a hot market for global companies to explore and invest. Amazon happens to be a major reckoning force in today’s E-commerce market. It plays a vital role in the Indian E-commerce market. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, two ex- Amazon employees and students of IIT-Delhi founded Flipkart. Like Amazon, Flipkart too started with selling books online. From books it now provides various ranges of products. It now happens to be the biggest online retailer in India. The clash and competition between India and Amazon in India is on the rise. Snapdeal also happens to join the competition with increasing influence among the Indian buyers. The Indian E-commerce market at present has these three major competitors.  Each aim to consolidate their positions in the market using various skills and tricks. Flipkart recently launched the “Big Billion day” where it collected large amounts of money from Indian Buyers offering large amounts of discounts and rebates. It capitalized on Indian consumers affinity towards cheap products and quest for discounts. It also acquired Myntra, another of the growing E-commerce firms in our country. Alibaba, the Chinese E-commerce firm is the largest e-commerce company in the world. It overtook Amazon as the largest E-commerce company in the world. The Global E-commerce competition has Amazon and Alibaba as the chief competitors. EBay also is the second largest E-commerce firm in the world by revenue. China happens to be a major global force to be reckoned with. The major Global E-commerce battle is between China and the United States of America. Two of the largest economies in the world. The Chinese e-commerce sector is expected to boost in the near future. It may well be the largest E-commerce economy in the world.  Alibaba’s vast E-commerce empire encompasses wholesale, retail, group buying, and payments. It has also been aggressively investing in startup firms, shelling out 8 billion $ in the past six months. Alibaba, s charismatic founder, Jack Ma, has made no secret of its global ambitions. Alibaba is knocking on Amazon’s doorstep in the both America and Europe. Meanwhile, Amazon is making efforts to expand its small presence in the lucrative Chinese E-commerce market.  Both Amazon and Alibaba have built e-commerce platforms suited to their home markets. Alibaba has a deep understanding of Chinese consumers and of nuances in terms of tone, approach and product variety. The company has mastered the intricacies of Chinese regulations and hoe to work both with the State and the National Government. Conversely, Amazon is a master of logistics and supply chain management, and it is the world leader in cloud infrastructure services. Walmart, the American retailer firm has now considered starting crowdsourcing for same day delivery. Various Reports suggest the battle in America between Walmart and Amazon may get down to the agricultural sector where vegetables and basic crop products may be brought to the online domain. Japanese firm Rakuten has also been quite innovative in the market. New innovative ideas and tricks among E-comsmerce firms will determine the dominance of their market. Intellectual superiority and innovative ideas among Entrepreneurs will be the key for this sector. To conclude the Global E-commerce sector is set to see some serious online battles and acquisitions in the coming years. All major Countries are going to vouch for supremacy and dominance. USA, China, India, UK, Japan and several growing countries are going to engage themselves in scientific development and progress.

By: Ankit

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