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Easiest Beginner-Friendly Ways to Start Editing Photos

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Are you new to photo editing and finding it difficult trying to figure out how you can start to improve your photos? Odds are you may not even be sure what most of the tools and features in the editor that you’re using actually do.

Instead of aimlessly trying out features, it would be best to start by focusing on some of the more beginner-friendly ways that you can start to edit photos:

  • Use automated color correction tools

One of the problems with most photos is that the colors are a bit off, either because the white balance isn’t right or the color balance isn’t. That is why practically every photo editor has tools for color correction – including automated options.

Seeing as they are automated, applying these tools should be easy and they can dramatically improve the colors in your photo and make them look more vivid and realistic. If you’re interested in experimenting further you can try adjusting some of the color parameters manually, to see how they affect your photo.

  • Crop the photo’s frame

Learning to use the crop tool in your editor will be really useful, and it is normally pretty straightforward. All you will need to do is adjust the frame, in the same way you would resize a window.

The reason cropping can be so useful is it will let you resize photos and adjust their aspect ratio. On top of that you can use composition techniques such as the rule of thirds when you crop your photo – and improve its visual impact.

  • Apply filters to the photo

The filters present in photo editors nowadays range from basic filters that will make a photo warmer, cooler, or softer, to more advanced filters that will stylize it in various ways. In either case the fact of the matter is that filters are an easy tool to dramatically alter the appearance of your photos.

Seeing as every editor has a different set of filters, you should explore the options that are available in yours. In some editors the filters may have a setting that lets you adjust the strength. Additionally you should be able to apply multiple filters to a photo – but should be careful that you don’t go overboard.

The options listed above will let you start editing your photo and improve it significantly in the process. More importantly it will let you grow more familiar with the editor that you’re using and start to learn how its features work. From there you can move on to any other feature that tickles your fancy, and for example in Movavi Photo Editor you could create transparent background, remove unwanted elements, and more.

At the end of the day what you really need is experience, and starting to edit your photos in the ways listed above will give you that. It is important that you keep trying out different types of improvements and alterations, so that you’re able to expand your horizons further.

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