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Easy manicure at home

Who does not like to have a beautiful face and body? For some it comes naturally, and some have to work really hard to achieve this. But what is common for both of these groups is the maintenance. Even if you have beautiful face and body, you need to maintain it, and again maintenance does not come easy.

Regular salon/spa sessions burn a big hole in your pocket and requires considerable amount of time. Manicure is one of such expense that needs time and money of ours. So below is a quick and easy step to do manicure at home.

⦁ Clean your hands with liquid soap and water
⦁ Take lukewarm water in a tub and add few drops of baby shampoo, rock salt, and lime juice
⦁ After soaking for 10 minutes, rub you palm and forearms with pumice stone to scrub and exfoliate the skin
⦁ Cut the nails in shape and clean
⦁ Clean the hands again, and wipe with soft towel
⦁ Apply moisturizer, and gently massage in a circular motion
⦁ Apply nail polish

Happy hands to you

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