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Easy Monsoon Makeover Tips for your home

Monsoon season brings smile on people’s faces. The weather lifts your mood, as you chuck the unpleasant thought of stepping outside home. What about inside home? Rains spread a gloomy sky-shade outside. We are here to help you keep the monsoon flavor in chirpiness and some good time with family at home.

So, here we are. When it is raining heavy, we prefer to stay inside our home. It also means, we now have an option to enjoy the monsoon spell while indoors. Even though your mood is upbeat, there is so much eeriness around. Because the bright light of sun is now under the shadow of dark clouds. It spells darkness and gloom in the surroundings. The monsoon makeover at home is to help you reverse the dark side of nature.

Here are few ideas to beat the gloom and spruce up your home décor. It is time now.

1. The entrance– we begin from where we left. There is no better time to redecorate the entrance of your house. And, it is simple to do so, if you follow a very small piece of advice. It is time to change your door mat and, replace it with a colorful, cheerful, and spring-to-life like pattern. Many designs are available. You can place one door mat outside and one, when you step inside. You need a polyester bath mat too. It will keep the dirt and mud away and is easy to wash.

2. Bed sheets- room is where you live. Bedroom decoration is always special. What you need is spreading cotton bed sheets in style. Try light colors to contrast your mood with the weather. Try red, purple, green hues and get lovely pillow covers with it. You can pair it with unique pillow covers. Distinguished designs such as the motor print or multi-colored stripes stand-out.

3. Change the curtains- these draperies rule the roost of home décor. Now when the heat is gone, the dark drapes on your windows will make you feel very dull. To keep your surroundings well-lit, you can try curtain in light colors and light fabric too. This works well if you have neutral shades sofa covers. Buy light-weight drapes, as you need to wash it often now.

4. Cushion covers- contrast your cushion cover colors with the sofa set. It is a pleasant sight to keep cushions everywhere. It is easy to change the cushion style every week. Be inventive and creative. Goa beach design or Tadka Mumbai and Hyderabadi cushion wear, there is ample choice now. You can stuff your sofa with number of cushions and use two patterns at the same time.

5. Duvets- you need to cover yourself from head to toe, as there can be mosquitoes around, no matter how hard you try. You also need it as your AC may feel too cold to bear. Try duvets in different patterns. The desert safaris design pattern or bright color hues, is a pleasant sight before you sleep. Try geometric patterns with flower prints to summer-up your bedroom.

By : Sonam Gupta


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